Peter’s first read through.


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Accepted challenge from:

  • Marissa Meyer, CEO of Yahoo

Passing challenge along to:

  • Benedict Cumberbatch, beautiful alien
  • Kylie Jenner, the littlest Kardash
  • Everyone on Tumblr

Most important thing: Donate here.

(Special thanks to alittlespace for talking while wet.)


Mom: Do you want to go to town with me

Me: No

Mom: I’ll buy you food

Me: image

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one more day before the storm!


one more day before the storm!


Villa Daphne - Corfu, Greece

Nestled in its own 1300-sqm garden, on the east coast of Corfu, Villa Daphne is a stylish two-bedroom holiday retreat with its own private swimming pool and fully-furnished terrace. Equally appealing as its outdoor areas, the house’s interiors are graciously furnished in a mix of period and contemporary décor, with soft color schemes that create a feeling of warmth and luxury. A well-equipped kitchen and modern technology features complement the property’s level of comfort.


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